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本网已在美国纽约成立非营利机构"认识神事工 Knowing God Ministries Inc.",并获得美国国税局(IRS) 501(c)(3)免税资格。For apps developed, preaching of God's word, our website has registered a non-profit organization, "Knowing God Ministries," in New York, USA. Knowing God Ministries has been approved by the IRS as a tax exempt, charitable organization.

我们欢迎网友线上奉献,支持事工。12月31日午夜前的奉献将满足明年的免税。Your generous online gifts/donations are welcome. Your gifts are fully tax-deductible and must be received by midnight on December 31 to qualify for the match.

Knowing God Ministries Inc
3808 Union St Ste 12E
Flushing NY 11355
TEL: 646-368-8383


2016年:杨丽芳 (Taiwan-cash),康来昌 (Taiwan-cash),***** Kao (check),****** Huang (check)
2017年:王金惠 (Taiwan-PayPal),Y*** Wang & J*** Tong (US-check),***** Kao (US-check),****** Huang (US-check)
2018年:Wan Ying Lee (Malaysia-PayPal),Y*** Wang & J*** Tong (US-check)
2020年:杨伟涛 ($150 temporary hold by PayPal for confirmation), Y*** Wang & J*** Tong (US-check)


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